Prema Gaia is a visionary writer, life purpose guide and soulful rebranding coach whose work stems from a life-long passion for shifting the collective conversation to empowering, beneficial and supportive messaging, that honors people and the planet.

After a spiritual awakening over a decade ago, Prema immersed herself in the study and practice of the world’s wisdom traditions and healing arts. She travelled the world, went on a 500 km walking pilgrimage, and visited many diverse sacred sites, intentional communities, ashrams, shamen and spiritual teachers on a five-year vision quest.

Prema felt deeply called to document and share the transformational discoveries that she was finding along the journey. This is how her path of being a published magazine writer began. She is honored to have had her work featured in many acclaimed magazines both nationally and internationally over the past eight years, including Spirituality & Health, Sage Woman, Conscious Dancer and South Africa’s Odyssey Magazine.

Over the past several years, Prema has been translating her gifts as a magazine writer into the digital sphere to match the global shift to virtual content and communications. She ongoingly hones her craft through participating in trainings, masterminds and mentorships with several leading edge business coaches and entrepreneurial organizations.

As a writer Prema has a profound and evocative gift for articulating that which is often difficult to put into words. Having been in this field for many years, Prema has witnessed and been part of the evolving trends in the publishing world and in the digital copywriting domain. She has a depth of understanding and personal experience in the spiritual and personal development fields that makes her writing compelling as well as deeply informed.

Clients who have worked with Prema share sentiments such as: “She has a very unique gift of being able to see people deeply, tune in to people’s essence, their gifts and offerings and articulate it all in a really eloquent way.”

In addition to writing for several magazines and blogs, Prema also supports writing projects for many purpose-guided entrepreneurs and thought leaders across the US, Canada and beyond.

 She currently resides on the exquisite island of Bali, Indonesia, and takes great joy in holding space for her clients visions to come into form, often from 10,000 miles away!

Topics Prema specializes in include:

  • Personal development

  • Holistic WELLNESS

  • Sacred Feminine


  • Spirituality

  • Yoga / Meditation / Tantra