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“Prema’s beautiful support and guidance was truly powerful as a holder, guide, visionary and coach. It’s hard to explain in words because she works on many levels.

I experience Prema as being a gifted creative channel of divine truth.

She is a leader for leaders, supporting them in seeing the big picture vision, and helping to bring these important bodies of work to be shared in the world. She supported me in writing a women’s empowerment and embodiment project.

The commitment and heart she put into the project was sincere and genuine. Her guidance, gifts and love are forever felt deep within me.”

Hemalayaa, Transformational Facilitator and Embodiment Teacher

“Prema has been such an incredible life-force pulse of energy in my business, helping me to expand and extend my capacity to show up in the world.

I especially appreciate her intuitive gift of helping me see and get down to the true core of my gifts and offerings so that I can articulate that in my online messaging in a compelling way. By approaching our work with such sacredness and intentionality it has really supported in aligning with the highest frequency outcome.


The resources she shared with me also really helped me generate more income during the time we worked together. Our work together has been a life changing experience, and I’ve looked for a long time trying to find the right fit for a writer and coach to take me to the next stage of my career. So when I found Prema it was a total God-send.

I would definitely recommend her work and would hire her again in the future for continued expansion and growth in my work and my business.

Thank you so much from the depths of my heart. We are blessed to have you in this world Prema.”

Joy Maziar, Holistic Integrative Bodyworker & InnerGuidance Facilitator


The moment I met Prema I recognized something in her, a wisdom and a powerful love that could guide and create and uplift. Over time, I have watched her hone her craft as a published writer and writing coach for others.

Her light has become a powerful beacon for many to actualize their writing and bring their inner desires into form. After waiting a very long time for the right person to come along, I recognized that she was the one to help me put words to my work, to bring myself into visibility in a greater way.

Her joyful and optimistic support has made it fun. And her gentle prodding has continually defeated the inertia. I am so grateful for finding her, and I know she will be working with many thought leaders and spiritual pioneers over time to help them open to themselves and to the world.”

Racquel Palmese, Spiritual Mentor, Counselor and Transformational Guide www.racquelpalmese.com

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“After 5 months and many long hours, I’m celebrating completing my Story Marketing book proposal, which is now being looked at by top agents.

I’m grateful to writer and editor Prema Gaia for supporting the project and shaving 3 months off my timeline in 3 weeks, and breathing so much ❤️ love ❤️ into it!”

Kylie Slavik, Digital Marketing Expert and Author Of ‘The Story Marketing Method’ www.kylieslavik.com


“Prema wrote my website copy as well as my bio and she did such an incredible job. She has a very unique gift of being able to see people deeply, tune in to people’s essence, their gifts and offerings and articulate it all in a really eloquent way.

Prema is able to take my words and ideas and 10 x them — making them more compelling and meaningful to read.

This is a beautiful gift she has and a gift to the world, and anyone is blessed and lucky to have her write for their business.

Her writings support people doing great things in the world to make their offerings more magnetic and get their work out in a bigger way. I highly recommend her and I’m deeply grateful and really happy with all the work she did for my website.”

Courtney Acamo, Sound-Healer, Vocalist, and Workshop Facilitator www.soundmedicine.love


“Working with Prema is very heart-centering and unique: not only does she fulfill a need in writing great copy, but her approach to discovering and digging into the story that needs to be created is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced.

One of the things I loved is that we would begin every meeting by setting the intention to access a higher power and wisdom, to reach the common goal of what this copy is intended to catalyze and who it’s meant to serve. That feeling of Grace and connection to source is really present in the space Prema creates.

I also appreciated the way she goes above and beyond in researching the industry and the demographic that is being targeted.

If I could summarize working with her in 3 words it’s delightful, unimaginable and congruent. In my experience working with Prema, even in the very first draft, the copy was almost dead-on, and virtually exactly what we ended up using after a few minor adjustments, which is fantastic and created a lot of ease. And the heart that she brought into the copy was wonderful.”

Valerie Viramontes, Women’s & Girls Empowerment Leader, Conscious Marketing Expert, Founder of ‘Girl Hacks’ www.girlhacks.org