The journey of becoming a visionary writer and soulful rebranding guide has been an unexpected evolution of a long-held deep desire to help shift the collective conversation to empowering, beneficial and supportive messaging, that honors people and the planet.

A spiritual awakening over a decade ago catalyzed a radical shift in my life, and led me to give away all of my possessions and embark on a 500 km walking pilgrimage, visiting sacred sites, intentional communities, ashrams, shamen and spiritual teachers. This path of living on a self-directed vision quest unfolded for several years, and included hitch-hiking over 20,000 miles, often sleeping outside under the stars, and visiting over 40 countries.

I immersed myself in studying the world’s wisdom traditions and healing arts, and whole-heartedly considered becoming an ordained monastic. Diving deeply into the paths of meditation, yoga, spiritual practices and tantra, I was eventually led to become an ordained priestess, teacher of sacred sexuality, and devotional singer.

I stepped back from participation in conventional society for about five years, doing long solo retreats in the forest and desert, and this is where I discovered my gift as an oracle. Oracle, as I define it, simply means someone who is able to articulate and give voice to their soul’s wisdom and guidance, and this has supported and informed my writing work tremendously.

In 2010 I became one of the co-founding members of the Goddess Temple of Ashland, Oregon. The following year, my writings began getting published in magazines: I wrote about transformational movements, self empowerment, women’s body wisdom, the sacred feminine and the evolution of consciousness,

I have had the privilege of writing for many acclaimed magazines including Spirituality & Health, Sage Woman, Conscious Dancer and South Africa’s Odyssey Magazine, as well as many wonderful online publications and blogs.

For over two decades I have been traveling the world and tracking consciousness evolution on this planet as well as diving deeply into my own healing path and transformation. Many incredible teachers have come onto my path along the way, including mother earth herself, and her sacred plants.

After fully offering my life in prayer, to be guided to whatever way spirit wanted me to serve on this earth, I was quite unexpectedly guided to re-enter busy urban life and begin training in entrepreneurship and leadership coaching with several luminaries in the field.

Shortly thereafter, I began translating my gifts as a magazine writer into the digital sphere, TO MATCH THE GLOBAL SHIFT TO VIRTUAL CONTENT AND COMMUNICATIONS.

In 2017, I had the blessing of coming together with a collective of 13 visionary women leaders to co-create a 13-week interview series and women’s empowerment program called: "Swan Sisters: Transmuting The Pain Into Beauty”. In this initiative, which I produced, I received a fast track education on many aspects of the digital marketing world: from email sequences, to facebook ads, to marketing funnels, online course development, and much more.

Since that time, I have continued writing for magazines and supporting writing projects with several amazing clients across the US, Canada and beyond. I currently reside on the exquisite island of Bali, Indonesia, and take great joy in holding space for my clients visions to come into form, often from 10,000 miles away!

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